Iva Fialová ak. mal. – was born in Šternberk and grew up in Frenštát p./R, Czech Republic Education – Secondary Technical School and The Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague - illustration and graphic arts - prof. Jiří Mikula atelier.

Iva Fialova´s art is instinctive and vital. Her graphic art and mainly her paintings are very strong, emotional and mysterious with human subconsciousness. It shows dreamy visions with mythological contents, often with tragic erotic motives and existentionaly toned. The main theme of her pictures is human relations, its development, transformation, tragedies and victims, further more, a woman´s urge to find her own role in a society.

Figure painting is characteristic of her work. She uses linocut, dry-point, stain, litography in graphic arts but since 1995 she has been focusing on painting, which is dominant in her art till today.

Since 1985 she has been illustrating books for Albatros, Odeon, Lidové nakladatelství, Volvox Globator publishers and she also designed many record covers (eg. Jiří Jelínek – In memoriam). As an example of book illustrations, we can mention a novel by Helena Epstein "Děti holocaustu"-Volvox Globator.


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